"Taurus Clan, strong and doughty character."

Possible Jobs: Warrior, Healer, Hunter

Clan Skills:

Thrust - Physically Damage a single target

Whipstab - Damage a single target with magic

Great Bull's Rage - Enemies surrounding target receive physical and ranged damage and are dizzy

Earth's Rage - Enemies surrounding target receive magical and ranged damage and are paralyzed

Official Description:

Taurus Clan members have very tough bodies. They are stubborn and diligent, but can be short-tempered.They never attack someone on their own volition unless they are tempted. They are hot blooded and have a short fuse, so if an enemy chooses to attack them, they will mercilessly return the attack. Their horns grow with age and Elder Taurus Clan members with large horns are highly respected.

Taurus Evolution:


If you have a taurus character, help us and post some screenshots.

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