Bird Clan, with spirit education.

Possible Jobs: Illusionist, Hunter, Healer

Clan Skills:

Flaming Wing - Physical damage to a single target.

Rarewind Blade - Magical damage to a single target.

Divine Bird Rage - Physical and ranged damage to enemies surrounding the player, adds Dizzy Effect to the enemies.

Meteor Shower - Ranged damage to enemies surrounding the player, adds Paralyzed Effect to the enemies.

Official Clan Description:

The Bird Clan live in the high mountains with no natural enemies, they have a peaceful and optimistic character. They are very good singers, optimistic, very calm and sometimes absent-minded. In human form, their beaks and feathers are lost and only their big wings are left. When their wings are spread out from the sides of their body to their underarms, it can interfere with their close proximity battle stance.

Bird Evolution:

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